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Nas Previews Snippet Of “The Season,” Produced By J Dilla

Last night, Mass Appeal held a release party for Run The Jewels 2, the kick-ass new album from El-P and Killer Mike. O.G. journalist Sacha Jenkins was in the house as well, but one special guest stole the show – Nasty NAs.

After giving props to Mike and El, Nas announced he would debut a brand new track over the speakers, and a familiar Dilla beat began to play – “Gobstoppers” from Donuts (remember this detail – it’ll be pertinent in a second).

In the video above, you can hear a snippet of Nas spitting over the beat – “Jay Elect doesn’t write it, Hov couldn’t write it, he vacationin’, Jungle the only brother I take sh*t from.” This, in reference to the time dream hampton went on Twitter and claimed Jay Electronica was a ghostwriter for Nas on the Untitled LP.

A couple things to note:

– This marks the first time Nas has responded directly to dream hampton’s accusations of Jay Electronica ghostwriting for Esco.

– Is that Jay line a jab?

– Is this just a treat from the vault or a potential single from that next album he mentioned on the remix to Schoolboy’s “Studio”? Because hopefully it’s the former…

– Nas sounds awkward on this. Yes, praise Jeebus that Nas is spitting over Dilla, but it’s better in abstract than it is in execution, at least here.

– Plus, Jay Electronica spit over this beat better than Nas did (see below).


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