You’ve Never Heard T-Pain Like This [VIDEO]

Everybody knows T-Pain’s thing is Autotune. Detractors say he makes terrible music, but most people recognize and appreciate his innovation with the vocal tool. He’s one of the most important pop artists of the last ten years, and if it wasn’t for Autotune, he might not have been in that conversation.

But a video of T-Pain singing for NPR’s Tiny Desk concert series without Autotune is going viral faster than the clap, and for good reason. It’s almost 14 minutes of T-Pain singing the gospel of booty shaking and drink buying with nothing but his natural voice and some neo-soul keys as a backdrop. It’s damn near spiritual, and it’ll change the way you think about T-Pain as an artist.

Watch as T-Pain sings without Autotune and takes us to church above. Give this man his props.

Update: T-Pain’s live set is now available to download. Right click here to download it.
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