13 Sinister Traps From “Saw” [NSFW]



The very first Saw film, released back in 2004 and directed by James Wan, was a unique presence in the horror genre, one driven by taut suspense and diabolically elaborate “puzzles” (read: traps) set up by series antagonist Jigsaw and the critical seal of approval out of the Sundance film festival — a very rare sight for a horror movie. Like many other horror franchises that came before it (Friday the 13th, Halloween, A Nightmare on Elm Street), Saw was grinded for sequels and profit until distributor Lionsgate decided to end it with Saw VII…for now. Death couldn’t hold back Freddy and Jason — what’s stopping Jigsaw?

The first Saw is being re-released for its 10th anniversary starting today for one week only, so here’s a look back at the most enduring aspect of the series by far: the traps.   

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