Kendrick Lamar On Macklemore Texts: “It Was Uncalled For”

Kendrick Lamar is in New York this week to prep for his second appearance on Saturday Night Live. He kicked off his stay in the Big Apple by stopping by Hot 97 to talk with Ebro, Rosenberg and Laura Stylez about his new single “i” and what’s in store for his upcoming album. The classic Isley Brothers sample bares a deeper meaning than it may appear.

K. dot claims that the song is for “the homies in the penitentiary right now” and the “kids who come to my shows with slashes on their wrists saying they don’t want to live no more.” He also talks about working with in-house producers like Thundercat and his sessions with Pharrell and Dr. Dre.

Rosenberg also asked Kendrick about his text message to Macklemore following the Grammy’s earlier this year. While there’s no bad blood between them, Kendrick felt some type of way towards Macklemore for even posting the conversation for the world to see.

“I think it was uncalled for to be one hundred with you. When he sent it to me, I was like ok I could see him feeling that way because he’s a good dude. But I think for confirmation from the world, I think he felt the need to put it out there, which he didn’t need to do. But that doesn’t take anything from him anyways because I know where his heart is at. He a cool dude.”

Kendrick Lamar also talks on the “Control” verse one year later, his thoughts on being compared to OutKast, his epic remix to Imagine Dragons’ “Radioactive” and plenty more. Watch the full interview here.

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