Adrian Peterson Pleads Guilty To Lesser Charges, Will Not Face Jail Time

adrian peterson

ESPN is reporting that Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson has reached a plea bargain in his child abuse case, and part of that deal means he won’t face any jail time. Instead, he’ll enter a plea to one misdemeanor assault charge. That plea does not include any reference to or mention of family violence.

If the judge accepts Peterson’s deal, the RB will pay a $2,000 fine, perform 80 hours of community service, and face probation. The NFL and the Vikings have yet to suspend Adrian Peterson, despite his placement on the commissioner’s exempt list. Being on that list means you’re unable to play until your case is adjudicated, despite still receiving full compensation.

The Vikings have been silent during this whole thing. If Peterson is eventually reinstated and taken off the commissioner’s exempt list, it means the Vikings either have to allow Peterson to return or release him from the team.



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