Watch A Young MF DOOM Rock The Vote At The Senate In 1991 [VIDEO]


This is one of the dopest things you’ll see all week – guaranteed.

In 1991, Zev Love X and Onyx, members of rap group KMD, visited the Senate to talk about voter registration procedures. You may know Zev Love X  better as MF DOOM.

Back then, an initiative called Rock The Vote was in place to help mobilize young people to get out and vote for politicians who would oppose the broad censorship of music that was imminent in the late ’80s and early ’90s. Record labels, musicians, celebrities, and many more joined the cause.

Above, Zev talks about being 19 and touring colleges in order to get positive messages out to young kids. Read what Rappcats had to say about the video they posted:

Here is video from committee hearing for the National Voter Registration Act in congress, April 17, 1991, showing 19-year old MF DOOM (Zev Love X) with his partner Onyx from the group KMD. They’re sitting with Rock the Vote co-founder Steve Barr, speaking to Senator Wendell Ford of Kentucky.

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