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Eminem Gives Speech Honoring Dr. Dre & Jimmy Iovine at Wall Street Journal’s 2014 Innovator Awards

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Last night, in a rare public appearance, Eminem gave a speech honoring Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine, the two guys who helped mentor him into becoming a superstar, at the Wall Street Journal’s 2014 Innovator Awards. After flying in to New York on the night of November 5th, Em spoke about the legacy of these two music industry titans.

“When Jimmy and Dre put their minds to something, get on board or get the f*ck out of the way,” said Marshall in his speech praising the two. “As an example of how powerful they are, they had me fly here all the way from Detroit to speak publicly, and I really hate public speaking.”

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After selling Beats By Dre to Apple, Jimmy and the Good Doctor now have their eyes set on the youth with their USC academy, which will aim to cultivate young entrepreneurs and focus on technology and liberal arts.

“The problem with the school system is that a lot of it’s cookie-cutter,” Jimmy told the Wall Street Journal, “so what we’re trying to do is disrupt it a bit.” He continued, “We wanted to build a school that we feel is what the entertainment industry needs right now […] The kid who’s going to have an advantage in the entertainment industry today is the kid who speaks both languages: technology and liberal arts. That’s what this school is about.”

Watch a short snippet of Eminem’s speech honoring Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine below.

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