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L.A. Judge Sympathizes With Suge Knight In Court


Suge Knight is back in court this week for robbery charges that were pinned against him and his client Katt Williams. While Williams made it clear that he was not involved, TMZ released video of the former Death Row Records CEO shouting threats at paparazzi photographers and moving in an attempt to grab the camera.

Last week, Knight was arrested in Las Vegas after a warrant was issued by the D.A.’s office. While he was incarcerated, Knight suffered a blood clot from not taking his previously prescribed blood thinners and was hospitalized. After his treatment, he was released and sent to Los Angeles to face the robbery charges stemming from the paparazzi incident.

During his appearance, the judge seemed to side with Knight due to the fact that the paparazzi was taking pictures of his family at the time. Judge Keith Schwartz said that while he couldn’t cut him a break because the D.A. had filed the charges, he understood how infuriating it is when paparazzi goes after young children.

“Unfortunately, these people [paparazzi] do not act in a professional manner, a lot of them,” said Schwartz. “I think the people who are public figures expect that they’re going to be photographed but I think out of respect that their family members, wives and kids should be off limits.”

Knight is being held with a set bail of $500,000. He was taken into custody and given priority for booking. There’s no word yet if he will be sentenced to life in prison since it would be his third-strike felony. Watch the video to hear what the judge had to say about the case here.

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