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Pete Rock Reveals ‘Village Soul’ DJ Residency In NYC


Legendary DJ Pete Rock will be blessing New York City with his mix of Soul, Reggae & Hip Hop as part of his new DJ residency hosted by The 303 at Louis & Chan. Once a month, Rock will hit the ones and twos with Deadly Dragon Sound and his favorite guests for “Village Soul,” which is open and free to all upon RSVP.

“I love Soul, I love Reggae and you know I love Hip Hop,” said Rock when asked why he created the new residency. “I don’t think enough DJ’s are playing what they love and what they have been inspired by. I am going to have a place for them to come, DJ and chill. That’s my life and passion and I am going to continue to share it with my hometown and world. And yes we are playing vinyl.”

His first guest DJ will be DJ Muro from Japan. The nightclub will hold dining services from 12-2AM at Louis & Chan located where the Lower East side and old Chinatown connects. Rock’s first show goes down on November 7th. Click here to RSVP now.

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