Ras Kass Talks Battle Rap, KRS-One And Jay Z [EXCLUSIVE]

“Battle rap was a proving ground for me,” Ras Kass tells WatchLOUD.com in the next part of our interview. He recalls the days when he was a 14-year-old running the streets battling MCs for money.  “They would take you and put money on you like Pitbull fights. Putting money on you. I talk about this on a song called ‘Animal Sacrifice.’  Sway and Tech would page me to come and battle people on The WakeUp Show.

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The waterproof MC goes on to talk about the time he tried to give his demo tape to KRS-ONE, watching an early Jay Z in a rhyme cypher and today’s battle MCs.

“I love the fact that Mook killed BET,” he adds. “That’s masterful and I respect their craft.”

Watch the full video above.

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