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Rhode Island MC Goes After Corrupt Politician On “Buddy Cianci”

Americans cast their votes yesterday for the Mid-Term elections while Zumo Kollie made his presence known with “Buddy Cianci.” Mass Appeal cast their vote for the Providence rapper, who puts the spotlight on a corrupt Mayoral candidate in Providence Vincent “Buddy” Cianci, Jr, who ran for his third term in office.

His crew in the video, whom have no prior criminal records, stands for those who would be looked on “with disdain” while a twice-convicted felon tries to become the city’s next mayor. The unique settings like the basement and porch of an abandoned home and the Rhode Island state house represent places where the Renaissance hasn’t reached yet according to Kollie. While his lyrics may refer to Cianci’s 2014 campaign, Kollie and Jeff Gore, who produced and rapped on the single, actually started writing “Buddy Cianci” two years in the off-chance that he would run again.

The video also featured campaign signs that say “Vote for Cianci” but they let it be known that the message was not approved by the Providence candidate. Although Cianci did not win the elections, the track still sheds light on the continuous corruption in our local government. Watch the video here.

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