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A$AP Rocky Compares His Fashion Struggle To Civil Rights Movement


After A$AP Rocky dissed Hood By Air and Been Trill, brands he’s previously shouted out and wore, on his new song “Multiply,” the rap industry responded in waves. Now, Rocky is speaking out about why he decided to call out those brands, and his comments are a little…strange.

In a new interview with New York magazine, Rocky was asked what kind of things he didn’t like about Been Trill and Hood By Air these days, and this was his response:

“I’m going to put it to you like this: I can say that I’ve been scrutinized for my fashion since I was about 15 years old. A lot of people got it easy. I feel like I had to go through the whole Civil Rights Movement just to be comfortable, to make other people comfortable, to be able to wear what they want to wear, and a lot of dudes are just claiming to have it without having to have that sacrifice or suffering through all that kind of shit. We’ve been through that kind of shit. That’s all I can really say about it. It is really miniscule. It’s no real beef.”

He went on to clarify the statement:

“No, meaning the way that I look now, this wasn’t acceptable about 12 years ago in the hood. [He’s wearing a closely tailored black suit.] Because we’ve always been dressing like this and it wasn’t acceptable and we made it acceptable.”

So…Rocky’s struggle to have his fashion sense is comparable to the Civil Rights Movement? Word? Must be a new batch of piff in Harlem.

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