Trina’s New Video Redefines “Junk In Her Trunk”

If you follow Trina on Twitter, you know that her fans have been going ape sh*t for her new single, “F*ck Love,” which most take as her response to breaking up with rapper French Montana.

In the clip for the song, the Baddest Chick is getting ready for a night on the town dressed to the nines, and grabs the keys to a Rolls Royce to take a drive. Nothing out of the ordinary there until she parks in what we imagine is very secluded part of Miami, pulls out a shovel and starts digging a hole.

While she doesn’t go all Kanye “Flashing Lights” on us, we get the idea that her ex’s corpse is laying in that burning hole as she drives away. Suspend your belief and not ask how she stays so clean after digging a ditch in heels, but someone get Viola Davis on the line because we think Trina got away with murda.

Fellas, never forget…

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