Amadeus Talks Tour Life, Behind-The-Scenes With J. Lo & Trey Songz’ Trigga [EXCLUSIVE]


Super producer Amadeus has reached a new plateau in his career. After ten years behind the boards making numerous hits in hip-hop, he has never once looked back nor doubted himself along the way. As a producer, music director, entrepreneur and family man, Amadeus has mastered his musical craft that he’s been passionate about for all of his life.

“The sky is not the limit,” said Amadeus. “People are always saying ‘sky’s the limit’ but really it’s not. I didn’t know how far I was gonna go but I knew that I loved it. I knew that I was passionate about creating and playing music.”

Amadeus’ career started off slow just as any other producer. But after putting in work on Cam’ron’s Purple Haze in 2004, more and more opportunities just kept falling into his lap. As of now, the Bronx native has worked with over 50 artists in the music industry from 50 Cent to Wale.

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Now as Trey Songz’ official music director, the multi-platinum producer is working hard to build his own empire Platinum Boy Music, Inc. He’s been working closely with his artist Tiffany Mynon, but that hasn’t stopped him from creating other hits that have been at the forefront of projects from some of the brightest stars in the game.

In 2014, Amadeus added more hits to his resume like Jennifer Lopez’s “Same Girl” and Jim Jones’ collaboration with Trey Songz “With The Sh*t.” He also put in work for two singles off Keyshia Cole’s new album Point of No Return and heavily contributed to Trey Songz’ Trigga.

WatchLOUD.com got to sit down with Amadeus and spoke about his work experience this year, from touring with Trey Songz overseas to Keyshia Cole singing her next single over the phone. He also described his first time meeting Jennifer Lopez while behind the scenes of her video for “Same Girl,” and told us which major producers he’s been listening to now-a-days, which may or may not come as a surprise.

Watch clips from the interview here.

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