Watch Logic React To Radio Host’s Disrespectful Criticism

Logic was making his promo run in L.A. for his debut album Under Pressure and stopped by to talk to Power 106’s Vick One. While recording their interview, Vick One completely started off on the wrong foot by calling his album “overrated.”

“Your album was out, and everybody’s giving it critical acclaim… I just wanted to be honest though. My opinion – it was kind of ‘whatever,’” Vick told Logic while discussing his album. “This is me just like [as an] OG Hip Hop fan – [the album’s] a little bit overrated bro.”

Vick One proceeded to tell him that he sounds like “other people.” Although he wouldn’t name names, it was clear the radio host was trolling the hell out of him. Logic’s camp wasn’t having it either and stepped in to put out the fire. Watch Logic’s priceless face in the clip here.

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