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Azealia Banks Says Eminem Can Go “Suck His Sisters Tiddies”

azealia banks

This should be fun. Yesterday, we all watched in awe as Eminem tore the Shady XV Cypher to shreds. The lines of his getting the most attention, however, were the ones he dropped names in, specifically:

But I may fight for gay rights, especially if the dyke is more of a knockout than Janay Rice/Play nice? B*tchh I’ll punch Lana Del Rey right in the face twice, like Ray Rice in broad daylight in the plain sight of the elevator surveillance/’Til her head is banging on the railing, then celebrate with the Ravens.

Last night, those lyrics sparked the following response from Azealia Banks, the Harlem rapper who was dropped from Interscope months ago and just released her debut album, Broke With Expensive Taste:


Em is known for playing rough with his lyrics, especially when it comes to shots at pop stars. Lana didn’t take to Twitter to say anything, but that didn’t stop Azealia from sticking up for the vocalist anyway. All three of them were labelmates on Interscope at one point, by the way. Check out Royce’s reaction to Azealia.

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