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Big Bank Hank Of Sugar Hill Gang Has Died From Cancer


Late last night, at about two in the morning, a historic rapper passed away. His name was Big Bank Hank and he was a member of the Sugarhill Gang, whose “Rapper’s Delight” song was the first major rap record to hit the mainstream. Hank was working in a NY pizzeria when hip-hop legend Grandmaster Caz leant him his rhyme book to make a song. While not an MC by traditional standards, Hank went on to become one-third of the first hip-hop group to tap into the commercial appeal of rap.

He passed away after battling cancer for many years at the age of 57. We wish his family and friends comfort and offer them our condolences. Whenever an artist dies, it’s always best to celebrate the work they left us while they were here. Have a good trip, Hank.



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