25 Craziest Shady XV Cypher Lyrics

Shady XV cypher

by Preezy Da Kid

Shady Records damn near broke the internet with the release of their Cypher featuring Crooked I, Joe Budden, Joell Ortiz, Yelawolf, Royce Da 5′ 9″ and Eminem. For over 18 minutes they took a hot steaming dump over rappers dreams of being great. Here are 25 of the craziest lines from the Shady XV Cypher.

Crooked I

CrookedI Willie Lynch

1.”Now that I got your attention, I feel I should really mention/don’t come around here flossing, Big Willie’s, we Willie Lynch ’em”

2. “You die quicker than Darren Wilson walking through Ferguson dressed like the Grand Dragon/of the Klan passing n*ggas wit pants sagging with they hands on the black magnum”

3. “The times right and they finding the lime light and the God of this rhyme writing/My mic can only be likened to Poseidon’s trident and Zeus’ lightning striking/my metaphors are what Thor was to Noors’ Viking/I’m a born titan, at that point kill ’em like sword fighting/I’m slicing organs wit songwriting, I dwarf giants/I hope I’m rubbing y’all pussies wrong, kinda like poor dyking”

Joe Budden



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4. “But the bars there, put that on God, ask a atheist/and if I ain’t the bomb, at least I’m in the blast radius”

5. “These last couple of days, I been speaking to my peers, giving em cries for help, I guess they need to see the tears…”

6. “Or I could spit about my car and how it sit on the rims / I could tell you why I’m hot and disappear like MIMS”



7. Still I’m working, sawing, milling this tree/building this house exactly the way Charlemagne The God and Lord Jamar thought it would be/Wait a minute, the lord and the god hate me, Jesus Christ, I am the white devil …NAH”

8. “I got new clothes, old clothes, vintage, tremendous, endless style / Goodwill loves me Mackle-more than you”

9. “Hip-hop is what you make of it, and I’m making a LOT of it, see that’s a quadruple entendre, Jay Z eat your heart out”

Joell Ortiz


10. “But to be honest, I just be feeling like that, man, I just really like rap/ya’ll lucky, trust me, I’m opposite to the hands of Sandusky/ with the sh*t that my pen states, these rappers can’t touch me”

11. “As a younger dude, life was something rude/I barely made it to the first, like a Cutler move”

12. “Simple mathematics, I’m adding up to all these rap addicts/I don’t like to divide dough, so I multiply flow and subtract maggots/like a brand new craft-matic, boy, I’m back at it/smoking these new boys like my last habit/Dab nabbit, I tried to quit, but everything I kicks like the Last Dragon/Hoes sucking my drummer’s dick, they on my band wagon”

Royce Da 5’9



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13. “Where it’s drama, I don’t ask no questions,I just clap in that direction/I look at this gat like it’s an actual accessory/I’m anti-social so relax when you step to me/n*gga, I shoot the breeze with actual weaponry”

14. “Now imagine me hanging wit y’all and we rapping on the same song/N*gga, I’d rather juggle a couple of chainsaws or run through hell with a pair of gasoline Hanes on”

15. “I don’t give a fuck, n*gga, I’ll show up to Beyonce show posing as Jay Z/Stagger in ya studio session with a bomb strapped to my chest looking like Omarion holding his baby/jump in a four-door Mercedes with a 44 listening to Jo Jo and K-Ci/drinking and sniffing enough blow that it got me thinking I can exchange sicknesses, maybe just Ebola for Rabies”

16. “Mac magnet, attracting enormous green/slap this clip in this gat then call this arm Christy Mack cause this bitch is that War Machine/Life of a giant, but who needs size when you’re wack and your teams soft/drag your girl down this hill til she admits it feels like she’s jacking a beanstalk”

17. “We both got marketing plans, yours is to sell records and net more than you grossed before/Mine is to punch you in your face if you ever disrespect me and then go invest into a grocery store”



18. “I need a towel, sweat leaks from my brow/It’s burning my eyes, my cerebral is foul/cause sh*t I’m thinking about should be illegal, I need my head banned like the guy that left Cleveland, Ohio”

19. “This whole game can eat a d*ck, I’m going back deep underground, but right now I’m back on my bullsh*t and you I’m singling out/cause you’re so f*cking outdated, you should mingle a while”

20. “B*tch I could jump without my feet ever leaving the ground, reach up and swing from a cloud with 3,000 people around/evil and vile enough to leap in a crowd and heave a child into a sink hole on Cinco De Mayo while I’m sprinkled in Pico De Gallo”

21. “I’m used to not being on it, I expect it out em/heck wit em, I’ll get my respect without em/Ain’t really been into diamonds since I put my first record out, but I could put a chain around my second album and wear it as a neck medallion”

22.  “…I’m pouring Vicodin four at a time, ignoring the warning signs of ’em ‘fore I go four-wheeler riding/gory and violent, horrifying, surely you won’t find nobody more important than I am with this fatalitorial rhyming for Gloria Steinem/but I finger her like a witness, show me a lineup”

23. “But I may fight for gay rights, especially if they dyke/it’s more of a knock than Janay Rice, play nice/b*tch, I’ll punch Lana Del Ray right in the face twice like Ray Rice/ in broad daylight in plain-sight of the elevator surveillance/ Til the head is banged on the railing, then celebrate with the Ravens”

24. “In my homies Buick but I’m known to lose it though, so if I overdo it, you drove me to it/when I step in the vocal booth like I’m ‘sposed to do and murder you on track like I’m Tony Stewart/ In one take, if I f*ck up and I don’t redo it/you couldn’t sound grown on a beat if you were moaning to it”

25. “But I stiggidy stand for the figgidy flag of the United States and the freedom I deliver these raps through/then if I catch you doing anything hindering or prohibiting that after I get me the tattoo of your lips on my ass I’ma be literally picking up and deliberately whipping the Statue Of Liberty at you.”

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