Every Jay Z Guest Verse On Rick Ross Songs, Ranked

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Rick Ross’ latest single from his next album Hood Billionaire, “Movin’ Bass,” features Jay Z, but the song is something of an okey-doke – we’re used to hearing Jay spit visceral guest verses on Rozay’s records, but “Movin’ Bass” only features Hov on the hook. Too bad.

It got us thinking, though. Six Ross albums (not counting Hood Billionaire) with a Jay Z guest verse on every single one except Deeper Than Rap, and Jay kills every single one. So which guest feature is the best?

Take a quick spin through all five verses Hova gifted Ross with and see which one we think is the nicest. Let us know if you agree or disagree in the comments.

5. “Devil Is A Lie” (Prod. by Major Seven and K.E. On The Track) [2014]

By far the worst of their five collaborations, “Devil Is a Lie” finds Jay nearly mailing in his verse. Yeah, the V.I.M. line was cool, but the rest of the verse was pretty meh compared to the heat he’s given Rozay in the past.

4. “Free Mason” (Prod. by The Inkredibles) [2010]

“N*ggas couldn’t do nothing with me, they put the devil on me / I would have preferred n*ggas squeeze the metal on me / Rumors of Lucifer, I don’t know who to trust, whole world want my demise, turn the music up.” Hov gets spiritual here, but it’s nothing he hasn’t talked about before. This verse is heavily reminiscent of his verse on Jay Electronica’s “Shiny Suit Theory” – preordained destiny, that sort of American Myth stuff. Still, hearing Jay Z shake off detractors never gets old.

3. “3 Kings” (Prod. by Jake One) [2012]

There are so many little details that makes this Jay feature great. He starts with snark – “It’s just different” – before telling other rappers they can’t f*ck with his daughter’s room (tears). The Robin Williams bars sting that much more now that he’s gone, but every single line is slick. And when he mentions Max B? It’s a wrap.

2. “Hustlin'” (Remix) [Prod. by The Runners] (2006)

Jay throwing those sneaky subliminals at Cam with the Gordo reference (if you haven’t seen Killa Season, you wouldn’t know) is top of the line. Really, the whole verse is shade. “We don’t resort to violence, we on resorts and islands / With linen shorts and shades, ‘case they thought we was lying.” This was a huge single at the time and Jay picked up on that immediately. The imagery is so colorful, it feels like you’re standing on a yacht next to Hov as he disrespects everybody while swirling a fruity drink in a glass.

1.. “Maybach Music” (Prod. by J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League) [2008]


Still the best “Maybach Music” of the four, this is perfect whip music. The “Girl Is Mine” rhyme scheme, “I’m like G Rap in better transportation,” “In a Lear, closer to Aaliyah.” Do we even have to tell you this is the best Jay verse he ever gave Ross?

Again, look at the vivid imagery in those first two lines: “Black Maybach, white seats, black piping / Remind me of Paul McCartney and Mike fightin.'” That’s not playing fair at all. This is Jay’s “How To Write A Guest Verse” clinic. Have a seat.

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