The Internet “Breaks” On Kim Kardashian’s Nude Paper Magazine Cover


Kim Kardashian thought she would “break the internet” with her nude cover of Paper magazine, but in reality, the Internet is breaking on her. The risqué cover comes as a recreation of French photographer Jean-Paul Goude epic “Champagne Incident” photoshoot.  Right on cue the image of her balancing a champagne glass on her bodacious backside lathered in baby oil completely left the entire Twittersphere reacting to the display.

The criticisms were inevitable and memes are continuing to pour in. But even with all the jokes, some celebrities chimed in with genuine disapproval like singer Lordes’  judgmental “mom” Tweet or Naya Rivera’s photo comment on Instagram that reads “I normally don’t. But…you’re someone’s mother.” However, Twitter was quick to fire back with memes saying how much Naya just wants to be Kim. naya-comment

It’s interesting that no one ever tells male celebrities “you’re someones father” when they do things for attention, but we’ll save that discussion for another day. Nevertheless,  it doesn’t look like the opinions of the world will affect Kim too much, especially with her husband Kanye’s official tweet of approval. Check out the official photos here.

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