Ras Kass & Apollo Brown Tell Us “How To Kill A God”

Ras Kass and Apollo Brown were busy with their press run to promote their new joint album Blasphemy. After a week in New York talking with the likes of Sway and DJ Premier, the OG duo started filming some visuals in support of the album with the help of B-Real TV.

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For their single “How to Kill God,” Kass and Brown hit up Detroit with director Jim Brown to film inside several historical and abandoned sites including the original Model-T assembly line, the outside of foreclosed Detroit Masonic Temple, and inside a since closed cathedral. Before you trolls assume the worst about this track, Ras’ bars doesn’t necessarily reflect the song’s title. It’s simply “them exposing the hypocrites standing behind empty dogma.”

Check out the new visual for “How To Kill A God” here.

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