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Five Best Songs Of The Week – Big K.R.I.T., Johnny Cinco, Shy Glizzy & More

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It’s been a dope week of music. Big K.R.I.T.’s Cadillactica may be the best project of his career, two of the most underrated artists out of Atlanta collaborated, Shy Glizzy rapped over a Zaytoven beat, and what else….oh yeah, the Shady XV Cypher.

This week skews on the rookie side with a sampling of new artists who’ve got a solid footing in the industry or who’re about to. It’s been a quiet year for hip-hop’s biggest artists, despite Drake running the industry via Soundcloud. Anyone who says 2014 rap sucked…well, only in some areas. But dig deep enough and you’ll find gold.

Ain’t nobody got time for that, though, so we’re here to give you the five best songs of the week. Check the drops.

Big K.R.I.T. – “Kreation (Intro)” [Prod. by Big K.R.I.T.]

K.R.I.T.’s new album is a step-up in every way: lyrically, conceptually, and musically. It’s apparent on the very first track from Cadillactica. Deep-tissue bass and razor-edged synthesizers take you away, while the vocoder on the second half is ideal for space travel. It might be the best song on the whole album

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Kevin Gates – “Wait In Line” (Prod. by Rustie)

It barely even sounds like Kevin Gates when the song opens with “They wait in line, we on the grind,” but wait for the verses to hit and you’ll know it’s the best rapper out dropping yet another excellent new song. This time he connected with a popular producer from Glasgow named Rustie, and the unexpected collaboration yields a delightful result on “Waiting In Line.”

Gates is nothing short of spectacular right now. We can only hope this new stream of song leaks means he’s dropping a project soon. 2014 needs another one after solid By Any Means.

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Johnny Cinco x Young Dolph – “Aight” (Prod. by Spiffy)

While everyone spews their feelings about Young Thug, Johnny Cinco and Young Dolph continue to be two of the most consistent new Atlanta artists out right now. Both of them have something else in common besides consistency: the unqiue timbres of their voices. Dolph (“UH HUHHHHH!!”) tumbles across tracks with a balance of craft and contempt while Cinco is laid all the way back, limbs very relaxed. Pay attention to the music these two are making.

Shy Glizzy – “Celebration” (Feat. Bobby Shmurda) [Prod. by Zaytoven]

Glizzy is another one of our favorite rappers. That voice either immediately charms you or forever turns you away; we’re of the former persuasion. Here, he gets over a Zaytoven beat – these two need to work together a lot often, by the way – and recruits Shmurda for an okay guest verse. The chemistry between Glizzy and Zay is what stands out here. Zaytoven beats can sound like they gurgled four pints of lean (in a good way), and here Glizzy pumps a high-pitched air of energy into the production.

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PRhyme – “PRhyme” (Prod. by DJ Premier)

We heard the PRhyme album. Rappers – tuck your projects in. If you think there’s going to be a fourth quarter rap LP better than PRhyme, we want what you’re smoking. The title track is a perfect example. Preemo lays a smoky backroom soundtrack to play pool and drink booze to while Royce ranges from slack to pissed off across the track. Royce said the only complaint about the album will be they didn’t go commercial. We don’t have any complaints on this side.

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