Future Says He Was Disappointed With How Honest Was Handled

Future’s Monster mixtape has been making waves since it was released. It’s so good, people are saying the tape is better than his album from earlier this year, Honest, which didn’t perform as well sales-wise as many expected it to.

In the interview above, Future addresses the talk about Monster being better than Honest and says the latter was something he needed to do. “Honest was something that was much needed at that time,” says Future. “Monster is me going super hard, and I’m going harder for my next album because I know what the fans want. I just stopped doing music like what’s on Monster. I didn’t want to do music like that for my album. I wanted to show myself that I can grow and do other kinds of music and step outside my comfort zone.”

He also talked about his disappointment with how Honest was handled. It’s unclear who he’s talking about, but it sounds like he’s putting the responsibility on his label, Epic: “I was disappointed with the overall way things was handled […] Branding and marketing got a lot to do with albums also, so if your album is branded and marketed right, people look at it and listen to it in a different way.”

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