The Lox Give Best Reaction To New York Weed Law Ever [VIDEO]

The Lox Thumnbail

New York City residents that choose to “partake in a bit of turn-up” with the help of marijuana caught a major break this week when it was announced that the NYPD would stop arresting users found with less than 25 grams of ganja on their person.  Instead they will receive a summons that carries a $100 fine for the first offense. Essentially making it a crime akin to a speeding ticket. It stops short of legalizing the drug, but goes a long way in curtailing the number of arrests.

“The summons is not going to be part of your rap sheet, so it’s not going to stay with you,” Susan Herman, the NYPD’s deputy commissioner for collaborative policing, told reporters.

Jadakiss, Styles and Sheek Louch, the trinity known as The Lox, were more than happy to hear the news, though it is not clear if the new mandate applies to their hometown of Yonkers.

“de Blasio, I love you! Shout out to your whole family!” Jadakiss said emphatically. Sheek added that may indeed have been the Mayor’s family that inspired the change. “He knew that little n*gga with the afro had all that sh*t in his room anyway.”

If you need a good laugh watch and share the clip.

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