#LifetimeBiopics: Twitter’s Outrageous Reactions To The Aaliyah Movie


After facing pure scrutiny pre-production, Lifetime has premiered their “highly anticipated” biopic which follows the life of the late Aaliyah Houghton. Aaliyah: The Princess of R&B, starring Alexandra Shipp as Aaliyah, drew some negative attention with the disapproval of the film by her family estate and from her long-time friend and producer Timbaland.

Hope yall not watching this!!!!!!!!

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The movie focuses on her career as well as her relationships with Timbaland, Missy Elliott, Dame Dash and more. But the majority of Aaliyah’s fanbase is outraged with the poor casting and took to Twitter to let out their frustrations. Not only did they clown on the freakishly tall “Dame Dash” and the slim version of Missy Elliott, but the hashtag #LifetimeBiopics sparked up plenty of hilarious ideas for Lifetime’s next biopic.

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