Top 10 Moments From “Black Dynamite’s” Bill Cosby Episode


“Black Dynamite” the animated series continued its amazing romp through season two by going back to its blaxploitation roots. In episode 5, “Sweet Bills Badass Singalong Song Or Bill Cosby Ain’t Himself”  the inception level parody within a parody begins with Melvin Van Peebles filming Blackity Black, Black, Black the greatest blaxploitation movie ever made,  starring Rudy Ray Moore, Pam Grier, Antonio Fargas and Jim Kelly.

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But not everyone is happy about all of this ass kickin’ and lickin’ going on.  Bill Cosby is not feeling the “filth flarn filth” and the Black Puma party is mad they haven’t gotten their requisite payment to film in their neighborhood.

Not to mention, when the Black Dynamite crew meet their Hollywood counterparts, the resemblance is more than passing.  Here are the top 10 moments from episode five of “Black Dynamite.”


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