Five Best Jay 305 Songs You Need To Know

jay 305

Today it was announced that South Central L.A. rapper Jay 305 has officially signed a deal with Interscope Records through Dom Kennedy’s OpM (Other People’s Money) imprint. Interscope A&Rs Archie Davis and Ray Alba signed Jay, who’s been popping since his minor out of the blue hit, “Youzza Flip.”

Jay’s been one of our favorite rappers for a minute, and with today’s good news, we thought it best to remind those who don’t know about him why Jay 305 is about to be a unique problem out of the West. Trust us – you’re gonna want to know about dude. These are the Five Best Jay 305 Songs You Need To Know.

1. “Youzza Flip” (Prod. by Roosevelt)

In 2012, Dom Kennedy’s OpM collective released a compilation called Young Nation with contributions by artists he was culling from around the West Coast. Jay 305 shows up three times – once as a feature on the first song, and then with two of his own tracks: “Youzza Flip” and the final track, “What’s Crackin.”

“Youzza Flip” is one of only two songs Jay has on iTunes and Spotify as of right now. It’s the second song he made after “Stories” as a B-Side for that single, but it’s much more popular. He says the song was inspired by slang from high school, and the song benefits from the “We know you!” refrain on the hook.

It’s strange that Jay is still so far under the radar. “Youzza Flip” has just over 38,000 plays on Spotify right now, and the official video only has about 125,000 views. It’s encouraging, then, that Interscope is taking a gamble on someone as talented as Jay 305.

2. “Stories”

Jay 305 knows a couple hoes, and “Stories” is his outlet for telling their tales like an updated Too Short. Jay’s delivery is blunt, but it’s his throwback style that stands out from the swag rap that Dom Kennedy pushes. This 1-2 punch of “Stories” and “Youzza Flip” is as good a duo of singles as any recent artist has put out.

3. “Money Talk, Bullshit Walk” (Feat. T)

According to the description on this Soundcloud song, Jay 305’s debut tape Taking All Bets was originally slated to drop this past August, but he might have started talks with Interscope and delayed the album’s release. Hopefully this song is on the tape, because this is straight crip walking music. He sounds a bit like Suga Free meets Too Short over this Kurupt classic, and if that’s not a combination that interests you, you might look funny in the light.

4. DJ Mustard – “Ghetto Tales” (Feat. Jay 305 and Tee Cee)

Again, more Too Short influence. Mustard’s album was slept on; sure, it didn’t have any smash hits like he’s known for, but the guy still managed to make a cohesive West Coast album that doesn’t just sound like a collection of leftovers. “Ghetto Tales” is one of the best of the pack, and it’s largely in part to Jay’s verses. Nine times out of ten, if your first line is about waking up and brushing your teeth, you’re gonna have a worthwhile verse.

5. “What’s Crackin” (Feat. Dom Kennedy & Niko G4)

You don’t close a stellar compilation like Young Nation unless people believe in you, and here Jay 305 takes the final spot with “What’s Crackin.” Jay has this colloquial appeal, with the squawk in his voice and his charming use of slang. He’s the dude from around the bend who just happens to be nice on the mic. That he got signed to Interscope off two singles speaks to how dope he is – and the quality of music he’s sitting on. Keep your eyes out for Taking All Bets. You’ll thank us later.

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