The Lox: It’s Already “NY vs. Everybody!” [VIDEO]

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NY natives The Lox kicked off their new EP, Trinity (3rd Sermon), with a gritty ode to their hometown called, “Now Listen.”  On the track, produced by VA native Nottz, the three-headed monster are verbal ambassadors as they boast, “You out of town n*ggas is welcome here but listen…

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Last week Eminem dropped a bomb in the form of “Detroit vs Everybody” featuring some of the Motor City’s finest, which has spawned rumors of a comparable song coming out of other cities like L.A. and NY.  We even made some picks of our own, so it was only right that  WatchLOUD.com ask The Lox who they would put on a winner-take-all track like that to rep the Big Apple.

“There’ s way too many people for that,” says Styles before Looch chimes in, “Detroit can do that. Here, it’s big, man.  Not saying Detroit is not big but you can only name a couple people from there.”

“You’d have to leave off mad people,” Styles says before rattling off a list that includes Jay Z, Nas, Dipset and themselves, to name a few.  “That’s a very long list.”

“And you gotta take some of the people that’s down with Em and bring them back over here [like ] Joell Ortiz,” adds Sheek. But Jadakiss ends the convo thusly.

“It’s already NY vs Everybody, because this is the Mecca. That’s just how it is. That’s not even a personal thing. It’s a big Ferris Wheel, everybody get their turn.”

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