Watch Wale And Jerry Seinfeld Discuss Twitter Hecklers: “Why Do You Give These People Meaning?”

Complex pulled off a genius stunt by getting Jerry Seinfeld and Wale, close buds, to sit down in a coffee shop and talk about hecklers on Twitter.

Jerry doesn’t really get Twitter. “It’s like when somebody has a cigarette and they blow the smoke in your face. It’s gonna be gone in two seconds. I don’t have to go, ‘Hey, hey, stop the smoke! What’re you blowing smoke in my face for?'”

Wale, on the other hand, wants to get to the root of people’s problems: “Why is this entertaining to you?”

Wale’s Album About Nothing is set to drop in early 2015, and he’s setting out on a 32-date tour soon, starting in Maryland.

The interaction between Wale and Jerry is incredible. Watch the footage above to see what we’re talking about.

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