Joe Budden: “I Was GREAT On Reality TV” [VIDEO]


In 2013 Joe Budden joined the ranks of rappers who have taken a respite from the recording booth to find refuge on television. The Jersey MC joined the cast of VH1’s “Love And Hip-Hop” series in its third season, chronicling his love movements with now ex-girlfriends Tahiry Jose and Kaylin Garcia.

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“I was great on reality TV. I fuckin’ bodied reality TV,” he tells WatchLOUD.com. “I was one of the few people to go on reality TV and not have what was being depicted affect my career. It was very much me. I’m normally calm, mellow and Zen like. It was fun. I would do it again, under the right circumstances.”

Watch the video to see what it would take to get him on TV again and what would be the essential element of a Joe Budden reality show.

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