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One Website Thinks These 10 Rappers Are Better Than Eminem


Who’s the best rapper of all time? The age-old debate has been sparked up once again. The Cheat Sheet recently released a list of who they think are the Top 10 greatest rappers of all time. While their choices have merit, there’s one artist in particular who doesn’t even get an honorable mention. But before we get into that, check out their list below.

10. GZA
9. Andre 3000
8. AZ
7. Snoop Dogg
6. Scarface
5. Nas
4. Jay-Z
3. Notorious B.I.G.
2. Tupac Shakur
1. Rakim

Eminem doesn’t make the cut in this list. All ten of these rappers are well-respected in the game, but it seems that they generated this list by including rappers who set the standards in the earlier days of hip-hop. However, that’s still not an excuse to exclude the Shady Records CEO, who was the first white rapper to truly dominate the rap game with seven double platinum albums to date. Do you think Eminem should be included in the Top 10 greatest rappers of all time? Let us know.

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