10 Things We Learned From Paul Rosenberg’s “Shady XV” Podcast

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Everybody’s talking about the upcoming 66-track mixtape from Shady Records, which is coming next week, but Paul Rosenberg revealed a lot more than that on his Shady XV Podcast with Elliott Wilson, B. Dot, Rob “Reef” Tewlow, and DJ Whoo Kid.

We listened to the entire interview and soaked up all the little jewels Paul dropped, so we wanted to make sure you could receive his wisdom, too. Check out what he had to say below.

1. Not at all related to Shady XV, but Rob “Reef” Tewlow once saw Ghostface do the “Tony Montana with a champagne bottle” at a club back in the day. Wu-Tang Clan ain’t nothing to f*ck with.

2. Yelawolf’s next album is coming out early 2015. Paul believes it represents more of “what Yelawolf truly is, his essence as an artist, and because of that, it’ll be received that much better. We’re already seeing it [with] “Til It’s Gone.”

3. Eminem is not signed to Shady Records. He’s signed directly to Aftermath/Interscope.

4. Royce da 5’9″ was responsible for putting Dej  Loaf on “Detroit Vs. Everybody.”

5. Paul calls “Lose Yourself” the “hip-hop ‘Eye Of The Tiger.'”

6. Paul is also sick of certain Eminem songs. He wouldn’t go into details about which songs he’s referring to, but he’s definitely tired of some of them.

7. The Shady XV Cypher was only supposed to be 15 minutes long, but some people went over the limit.

8. Paul says Lil’ Wayne and Drake are some of the best rappers out, along with Nas, Jay and Marshall. Em fans, that’s gotta hurt.

9. DJ Whoo Kid and Shady Records will be dropping a 66-song mixtape with songs that didn’t make Shady XV.

10. Paul and Eminem made a decision to engage “directly” with fans by offering exclusive bundle packages on Shady Records website.

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