The Lox On Battle Rap Then And Now [EXCLUSIVE]

The Lox MC Trinity came up in an era when you could be called to prove your mettle in a dirty pool hall or a street corner at a moments notice.   So today’s battle rap scene of big stages, bright lights, costumes and planned matches is a new experience for them.

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“I tell you it’s a lot different,” says Sheek. “Them boys is clever. It’s like they snappin’ on each other. When we was battling we had a certain song or two…I know I’m gettin’ old because some of that sh*t be flying over my head.”

“And you didn’t know who you were battling when we were battling,” adds Styles. “When we came up battling it was more whose bars the crowd was gonna respond to more. You definitely was attacking each other, but it’s more of a boxing match now. Before it was like the original UFC, you don’t know who you facin’. You just had to keep facing people.”

“Salute to the whole battle rap community,” Jadakiss says seeing the bigger picture. “They created a nice lane for themselves to make some money.”

Watch the full video above.

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