12 Things Every J.Cole Fan Can Relate To


Words by Preezy

J. Cole is giving his fans an early Christmas present with an out-of-the-blue album dropping December 19th called 2014 Forest Hills Drive, named for his childhood home in NC. On top of that he’s already given one lucky listener a chance to hear the album in their house. This guy certainly loves his fans and they love him back, but there are somethings only a fan of J. Cole can relate to.

Here are 12  things Every J.Cole Fan Can Relate To…

1. Snooze Emoji’s Flooding Your Timeline

friends sleep

Being a fan of J. Cole takes a certain passion, which is usually exhibited through tweets championing him and praising his music. But you also have to deal with naysayers who peg his music and image as “boring” responding to said tweets with snooze emojis and other f*ckery.

2. Reminiscing On The Lion King

Lion King

Early in his career, Cole referred to himself as Young Simba and constantly spoke on wanting to one day be the king of rap. Well, for children of the ’90s, this conjured memories of watching the 1994 Disney adaption of The Lion King. Oh yeah, and it’s still f*ck Scar for life.

3. Wondering why he would do a love song with Drake instead of the lyrical one-on-one we are anxious for…


By the time J. Cole had released his ‘The Warm Up’ mixtape, Drake was already riding high off the widespread success his now iconic mixtape ‘So Far Gone’ had garnered. Many fans jumped to compare the two, with one set preferring Drake’s Jigga-esque knack for effortless hit making and the other sprung on Cole’s penchant for intricate lyricism and every-man steez. So, when news of the two collaborating came about, the people were expecting an audio sparring match, not talks of equestrians and other saccharine things. “In The Morning,” is a dope song though.

4. Drunkenly Singing About Your Latest Crush In A Random Bar


When the Miguel assisted lead single “Power Trip” was released, J. Cole had found the record that would take him from being just another up-and comer to a viable mainstream star. Released in February of 2013, the beat was one of the hottest of the year and Cole’s verses were more than serviceable, Miguel crooning “would you believe me if I said I’m in love?” and Cole singing “got me up all night, constantly singing these love songs” were familiar refrains by drunk and lustful bar patrons across the country.

5. Wondering Why Jay Z Treats Him Like A Step Child


Many artists would trade their own mother for a Jay Z verse, let alone a cosign and record deal from the God MC. J. Cole was the recipient of both as Jay’s flagship rap artist under his Roc Nation operation. With Jay Z famously trading bars with competitors such as Drake and Kendrick Lamar, fans often wonder why he doesn’t seem to show as much public support for his own artist, hence the Jay Z and J. Cole have never been in the same room jokes and gifs.

6. Asking Yourself Why The F*ck Did He Give Kendrick Lamar The “HiiiPower” Beat

kendrick j cole

Speaking Of Kendrick Lamar, many would consider J. Cole a fairly smart guy, so, with that being said, what drugs was he on when he gifted the Compton poster boy with one of the hottest beats of the year in the form of “Hiiipower.” No one can justifiably say K. Dot didn’t annihilate that track, but part of every J. Cole fan secretly wished he had kept that in the stash and gave Lamar ‘Mr. Nice Watch’ instead.

7. Remembering J. Cole’s First Body On Wax (Wale “Beautiful Bliss”)

J Cole and Wale

Developing a friendship and an appreciation and respect for each others work, it wasn’t long before J. Cole and Wale linked up to do a track. The DMV vanguard gave Cole his first guest appearance on a major label album, on the Melanie Fiona assisted “Beautiful Bliss” for the rappers Interscope debut, Attention Deficit.’We won’t say that Folarin’s verse was completely wack in any sense, but we will say that in comparison to J. Cole’s tornado of a verse, his was just a gust of wind.

8. Knowing That Some Dreams Really Do Come True (Cole Being Featured On G.O.O.D. Fridays)


During Kanye West’s now legendary “G.O.O.D. Fridays” campaign, the rapper would drop an exclusive track every friday featuring members of his G.O.O.D. roster as well as artists such as Jay Z, Lloyd Banks, and among others. Well, many rap nerds were clamoring for a J. Cole appearance on a future edition, even bringing it up during a Q&A session with Mr. West. And being that Yeezy is known for giving the people what they want, we were surprised with a Cole guest appearance on the following G.O.O.D. Friday release, “Looking For Trouble.” Featuring a lineup of elite emcees such as Pusha T and Yeezy himself, it was all but an unanimous decision that Cole had the dopest verse, and proving that some dream collaborations actually do come true.

9. Smiling About “Born Sinner’s” 1st Week Sales Figures


When J. Cole decided to move the release date for his sophomore album, Born Sinner, to the same day Kanye West’s Yeezus, was slated to drop, many thought he was crazy for pitting himself against one of the biggest names in all of music. But when the first week sales reports came out, Born Sinner outperformed Yeezus to the shock of many industry pundits and fans alike, proof that Cole was more than just a star in the blogosphere, but a viable one off the net as well, which vindicated many long-time supporters of the rapper.

10. Being Familiar With The B*tch That Is Sallie Mae


If there was a Guinness World Record for rappers referencing student loans, J. Cole would easily be the victor. His story of leaving his hometown of Fayetville, North Carolina to attend college amid the bright light of New York City is integral to his music so any real J. Cole fan is more than familiar with the dreaded corporation that is Sallie Mae. Responsible for handling much of the country’s financial aid cases, she has held millions of college kids at her mercy over the years, including Cole himself. Lines like “you make a good salary just to pay Sallie Mae” among other darts makes the rappers disdain for the SLM Corporation so clear that you have no choice to give Sallie Mae the finger yourself whenever her name pops up in a Cole verse.

11. Wishing Friday Night Lights Was His Debut Album


Cole’s debut, Cole World: The Sideline Story was a commercial success, debuting at No. 1 on the Billboard charts and certified gold by the RIAA less than three months after its release. Although the album received favorable reviews from critics, some diehard fans were a tad bit disappointed when comparing the LP to his previous project, Friday Night Lights. While Kendrick Lamar and Drake released defining LP’s (Section. 80 and Take Care, respectively) that year and took most of the headlines, The Sideline Story was deemed a solid effort, but far from the classic some were anticipating. Friday Night Lights displays the best of what J. Cole has to offer as an artist and stands as his best body of work til this day.

12. Hoping J. Cole Proves He’s Among Raps Best Artists In The Game RIGHT NOW


J. Cole has managed to turn his internet hype and stellar track record on the mixtape circuit into one of the more stellar careers for a new gen artist. And while considered a dope artist in the overall scheme of things, many feel he is still slightly underrated, given his elite mic-skills and vast potential as an emcee. With Forest Hills Drive, we’re holding out hope that Cole will finally drop the career defining album we know he is capable of delivering.

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