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Listen To a New Jay Electronica Song He Performed In Miami

On Wednesday, November 19, the elusive Jay Electronica took the stage in Miami, Florida. He was performing at Bardot, a music venue that fits roughly 200 people.

It’s nothing new for Jay. He performed in Brooklyn earlier this year, dressed to match his Fruit Of Islam entourage. He did a couple songs with Jay Z  back then, skipped doing any new material, and that was it. No announcement, no nothing. We don’t have any announcement in the video above, but we do have a bit of a new Jay Electronica song.

Sounds like Just Blaze at his finest on the beat if you ask us. “Entirely off the record, the Messiahs of society quietly walk with lepers,” he spits, “and when they plug into the Matrix, the babies have dreams of making love in the spaceship.”

This sounds crazy. Let us pray new music from Jay Elect is coming.


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