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50 Cent’s Former Manager Is Suing BET… Again


It’s towards the end of the fourth quarter and things aren’t looking bright for BET. The music network is under fire once again after a new lawsuit was brought to light. Black Hand CEO Charles “Chaz” Williams has filed a second lawsuit against BET for tortious interference, defamation, and unfair business practice. The former manager of Foxy Brown, 50 Cent and Grafh says the complaint stems from a story BET ran on their website that included false information about Williams.

The article posted last year entitled “Infamous Music Managers” listed Williams along with other notorious managers such as Pebbles, Jerry Heller, Lou Pearlman, Chris Stokes, and Maurice Starr. In their mention of Williams, the article said that “in 2003, Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson accused him of participating in a 2000 shooting that almost killed the rap star.” Williams says that he’s never even been legally implicated, charged, or convicted of any charges linked to the shooting.

“I absolutely had nothing to do with the 50 Cent shooting,” said Williams in an official press release. “I have never been charged with or convicted of any offense against 50. There is no evidence or legal documentation in any federal or state court, nothing presented to a grand jury, or in any law enforcement file that support’s BET’s article…”

This isn’t the first time Williams has filed a lawsuit against the Viacom network. In March 2013, Williams filed a “pro se” suit for copyright infringement against BET Networks, A&E Television, Netflix, Amazon, and Apple for $20.5 million dollars. The suit was filed because of one episode of the series “American Gangster,” in which he was portrayed as “Chaz Williams Armed & Dangerous.” While both BET & A&E aired the episode, Netflix, Amazon and Apple were retailing it.

“This is an ongoing thing with BET, another example of big business flexing and profiting off someone’s story without proper compensation. I’ve had issues with them in the past and they don’t stop. But let’s be clear, 50 Cent has never implicated me in any criminal activity in any court of law or to any law enforcement; to say otherwise, is irresponsible reporting on BET’s part.”

Williams is set to report to court for both cases in December. Stay tuned for the updates on this story as it develops.

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