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Darren Wilson Not Indicted, Mike Brown’s Family Issues Statement

MIke Brown Funeral

After days of waiting, a St. Louis Grand Jury has decided not to indict Darren Wilson, the officer who shot and killed Ferguson teenager Mike Brown on August 9th.

St. Louis prosecuting attorney Robert McCulough made the announcement during a press conference stating that the Grand Jury–made up with 9 whites and 3 African-Americans–did not find probably cause to indict Wilson based on the evidence presented to them.

McCullough stated that the “most significant challenge” to the case was the 24-hour news cycle and claims witnesses changed their story based on what was reported in the news.

Earlier in the day Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon called for calm and urged that “regardless of the decision, people on all sides show tolerance, mutual respect and restraint.” But many supporters of Mike Brown’s family are puzzled as to why prosecutors decided to wait until after nightfall to make the announcement.

Brown’s family released the following statement after the announcement.

Citizens gathered in various cities around the country awaiting the decision, including NY’s Time Square and Union Square Park and Brown supporters responded on social media.




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