Watch What J. Cole Did After He Bought Back His Family’s Old House


Since buying back his childhood home, J. Cole has been in a great place in his career. He’s beyond the “underrated rapper” phase and now he’s looking into his bright future with the upcoming release of his third studio album, 2014 Forest Hills Drive. Complex magazine revealed their next cover, which features the RocNation rapper feeling more “at home” and “comfortable” than ever before in his family’s former home in Fayetteville, NC.

Cole speaks about a number of topics that have been lingering around him for some time. He spoke about the new album, which tells the story of a rapper who makes it big. He raps about his tough rise to the top, his struggles of the high life in the limelight, and everything else in between. Cole also speaks about his Dreamville Foundation, the benefits of having his own label and how Jay Z really feels about his career. Be sure to check out the full cover story written by J. Cole’s college friend Damien Scott.

On Dreamville Records:

“I always wanted to be f*cking Berry Gordy. I wanted to have a production platform. But now I realize that, even if I never produce a record for someone who’s signed to me, the real pleasure of having a label is watching somebody start from ground zero and get to level one, two, and three. These dudes are trying to get to 100. It’s mad rewarding for me to see.”

On Jay Z believing in him:

“They definitely believe in me more now. But first of all, Jay Z believed in me enough to sign me, and for that I am forever grateful. Thank God he heard “Lights Please” and those songs I played for him the first meeting. Thank God he signed me off of those. After that, I can’t front. If we asked him honestly, I’m sure he would say he wasn’t sure what I would turn out to be in the grand scheme of things, in terms of commercial success.”

Check out the exclusive tour of J. Cole’s childhood home here.

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