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Is Kevin Gates Hiding Something From His Audience? [OP-ED]

I was drinking Hennessy at an undisclosed location last week when I asked a certain someone about Kevin Gates. I’m a huge Kevin Gates fan and I’m a big admirer of the guy I was with, so I figured the two worlds wouldn’t clash so much as give each other a big hug of approval. What I got instead was a theory.

The idea was that Kevin Gates is marketing himself to the nth degree with his image of being lonely, depressed, street, and intelligent, all at the same time. The guy I was with was telling me a guy with tattoos on his face and a psychology major he got in jail doesn’t push the stuff he does in interviews by chance. He argued Gates is simply moving with a carefully crafted marketing strategy.

I didn’t make much of it, as my cup was empty and there was more to talk about, but I kept turning the idea over in my head for days: Is Gates putting forth a polished, meticulously put-together image?

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Hearing “Perfect Imperfection” late last night, it kind of made sense. “I’m a perfect imperfection, my craft has been perfected and I just need affection / Emotionally, I’m an introvert but it come off as aggression / No one understand me and everybody can’t be slow / It’s refreshing to find some old thing like me so I can’t be wrong.” He goes on to talk about how he doesn’t like the radio, he watches time go by and he’s dying inside. It all sounds a touch too cliché.

Gates is smart enough to market himself in such a way, and though I love his music, it’s hard to un-hear the theory I heard that night. Still, “Perfect Imperfection,” produced by Red On Da Track and Touchdown, is an excellent rap song, and we’ve already put our money down for Luca Brasi 2.

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