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Did Troy Ave Steal Parts Of “About The Money” From Another Rapper?

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New York is a tough place to make it. You need to be the best of the best, have an undeniable hustle, or just get a small number of voices to talk very loudly.

Troy Ave is finding out the hard way. Today, a Twitter user named TAXSTONE revealed to the world that Troy Ave’s recent record, “About The Money,” which features Young Lito and a relative unknown named Manolo Rose, wasn’t originally Troy’s record.

Now, that happens all the time. Rappers give their songs to other people every day, but listen to Troy’s second verse on “About The Money,” and then listen to Manolo’s second verse. Keep in mind, Manolo’s version was posted on Soundcloud days before Troy Ave released his version.


“Came through the hood with the regular, doors off the bitch, I be shittin’ / I’m a boss, you’s a worker, there’s a difference, catch me with the apron on in the kitchen / Arnold Schwarzenegger arm from the whippin’ (2x)”

Troy Ave:

“I be in the hood drop regular, toilet paper in my Porsche ’cause I’m shittin’ / 94th and Wilmohr in the kitchen , cooking birds, n*ggas saying thanks for giving / Arnold Schwarzenegger arm from the whippin’ (2x)”

You tell us. Did Troy crib dude’s lyrics, or is it just a coincidence? Manolo appears to be keeping quiet about the whole thing on Twitter, but maybe that’s what some good publishing money will do for you. Hear both versions below.

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