Waka Flocka’s Commercial For Pine Brothers Cough Drops Wins The AMAs [VIDEO]

We have never heard of Pine Brothers cough drops before today but thanks to Waka Flocka the 140-year-old company will reach plenty of new potential customers.

During last night’s broadcast of the American Music Awards, the celebration of all things commercial in music was interrupted by a 30-second spot featuring the Brick Squad CEO hawking Pine Brothers cough drops. His deadpan delivery made it look like a bit from Collegehumor or FunnyorDie but was as real as it gets.


“What does Waka Flocka Flame do for minor sore throat pain relief?” he says from a couch flanked by a vaporizer. “This here, Pine Brothers softish throat drops. I can’t live without my Pine Brothers, straight up!”

So now whoever Waka hired to roll his weed knows what throat drops to get when he picks up the blunts.

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