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Quavo Of Migos Tells His Side Of The Chain-Snatching Story In “The Truth”


By now, we’ve all heard about the latest chain-snatching incident involving Quavo of Migos. During a show in DC a couple of weeks ago, someone ran up on Quavo and stole his Quality Control chain right off of his neck. Later on, photos surfaced on an unofficial Chief Keef Instagram account of Keef wearing the chain, leading the majority to believe that the former Interscope rapper and his crew were responsible.

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The real thieves, who are associated with MMG rapper Fat Trel and call themselves the LeggTeam, have appeared in a video wearing the QC chain. But there are still arguments as to what really happened that night. Quavo decided to tell the story himself in his new joint. Hear “The Truth” from the man himself.

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