Watch A Trailer For A Clipse Documentary Featuring Pusha T, No Malice & Pharrell

At some point between the second and third Clipse albums, something went off in Malice’s head. He began scaling back the coke raps and reshaping his image into a more divine, spiritual one. Eventually, he changed his name to No Malice, claimed he’d found God, and totally dropped the subject matter that had made the Brothers Thornton such lethal rhymers.

It all seemed a little fast. Some said it was mental issues that drove No Malice to the personality change. Others read deeper into the indictment of former Clipse manager Anthony “Geez” Gonzalez for drug trafficking and speculated that it spooked Malice out of the game he was in.

Now, we might get the full story. In an upcoming documentary called The End Of Malice, Pusha, his brother and Pharrell appear and give some context about No Malice’s transformation. “He was much more of a philosopher in his rhymes, as Pusha was like a young wildcard firecracker,” explains Pharrell.

Watch the trailer above. We can’t wait to watch.

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