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Stream Ghostface Killah’s 36 Seasons Featuring AZ, Kool G Rap,

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We’ve heard nothing but heat from Ghostface Killah’s next offering, 36 Seasons, the concept album produced entirely by a band called The Revelations, and now we have it in it’s entirety one week ahead of scheduled release.

Ghost’s protagonist for 36 Seasons sounds wizened, no “Wisdom Body.” The character is a revenge-obsessed, crime-ridden Staten Island vigilante who observes the deterioration of his community and feels embittered enough to try and change it. Other personalities weave their way into the record, like AZ, a nemesis, and Kool G Rap, an unlikely victim. It has more upbeat moments than Ghost’s last project, the morbid Twelve Reasons To Die, though it has a similar approach to narrative and an equally cohesive sound production-wise.

It is a completely mature album, from the Ghost-less soul interludes on “It’s A Thin Line Between Love & Hate,” “Bamboo’s Lament” and “I Love You For All Seasons” to the crisp, cleaned up beats like “Emergency Procedure,” which features Pharoahe Monch in tip-top shape. The more we listen to the album and unroll the storyline, the more we find.

Do yourself a favor and bump Ghost’s latest album, 36 Seasons, over at NPR, and then check out some of the exclusive pre-order bundles right here. What do you think of the new Tony Starks album?

ghostface 36

1. The Battlefield [GFK / Kool G Rap / AZ / Tre Williams] (Produced by Fizzy Womack and The Revelations)
2. Love Don’t Live Here No More [GFK / Kandace Springs] (Produced by Malik Abdul-Rahmaan and The Revelations)
3. Here I Go Again [GFK / AZ / Rell] (Produced by Fizzy Womack and The Revelations)
4. Loyalty [Kool G Rap / Nems] (Produced by The Revelations)
5. It’s A Thin Line Between Love And Hate [The Revelations] (Produced by The Revelations)
6. The Dog’s of War [GFK / Shawn Wigs / Kool G Rap] (Produced by The Revelations)
7. Emergency Procedure [GFK / Pharoahe Monch] (Produced by The Revelations)
8. Double Cross [GFK / AZ] (Produced by The Revelations)
9. Bamboo’s Lament [Kandace Springs] (Produced by Malik Abdul-Rahmaan and The Revelations)
10. Pieces of the Puzzle [GFK / AZ] (Produced by The Revelations)
11. Homicide [GFK / Nems / Shawn Wigs] (Produced by Malik Abdul-Rahmaan and The Revelations)
12. Blood in the Streets [GFK / AZ] (Produced by The 45 King and The Revelations)
13. Call My Name [GFK] (Produced by The Revelations)
14. I Love You For All Seasons [The Revelations] (Produced by The Revelations)

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