Maino Has A Tough Message For Former Inmates [EXCLUSIVE]


Before Brooklyn MC Maino was rocking stages and the radio, he served ten years in a penitentiary for kidnapping when he was just a teenager. But if famous ex-cons like the late Barry White and James Brown can turn their lives around, a street smart kid from NYC can do the same.

However, everyone needs help and Maino understands this better than anybody. While discussing his new album KOB 2, the “All Of The Above” rapper shared that he is penning a book to help those like him.

“The book that I wrote is not so much about me and my life but an inspirational book,” he tells WatchLOUD.com. “It’s made for people that’s either just got out of prison or about to get out of prison. My thing was nobody’s giving these dudes the real story and real talk about re-entering society. And who else can give it to them but a dude who has lived that. Coming home, being on parole, get locked up again, violated, coming back home on parole and dealing with those struggles. That is a struggle that most people in the free world don’t go through. So it’s my philosophies, my advice, my stories to help try to touch some of these men putting themselves in this situation. In order for us to be successful coming from these streets, we have to be successful at being free.”

Maino has established a rep for speaking his mind and not pulling any punches, so while his words are heartfelt, he isn’t sugarcoating anything.

“We all got family and friends that been getting locked up all they lives, it’s a revolving door and I wanna tell them don’t nobody give a f*ck about you, man…let’s start right there. You coming home with these delusions of grandeur of being held a certain kind of way. Then you get here and it’s rock bottom because your situation is not what you imagine it to be when you’re sittin’ in your cell. It’s easy to dream a dream when you’re not movin’. Then you get out here and it’s like real life hits yo ass. It’s a rude awakening.”

There is no date set for the book’s release yet but his album KOB 2 is in stores now.

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