Watch DJ Premier Pitch Beats To Royce Da 5’9″, Lady Of Rage & Miguel


DJ Premier is a legendary beat maker but today he’s serving up something that’s definitely out of his league. In this Funny Or Die production, Preemo is in the studio waiting to pitch some beats for sale. Royce Da 5’9″ comes through to see what Preemo has cooked up following their joint project PRhyme. However, once Premier pushes play, Royce’s facial expression says everything about he feels about what he’s hearing.

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Not every beat gets an instant stamp of approval. In a hilarious twist, Premier’s “game-changing beats” had Royce dumbfounded. Lady of Rage was left unimpressed and kept asking when the beat would really drop. But it was Miguel who actually wanted to use the odd beats. However, Premier and his counterpart didn’t feel like Miguel’s flow would fit. Check out the hilarious video here.

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