“It Was Not A Chokehold,” Says President Of NYPD Association


Humans never cease to amaze. Even at our lowest lows, we still have the ability to sink far beyond the worst expectations.

Amongst waves of protests in New York City and elsewhere following the non-indictment of Officer Daniel Pantaleo in the killing of Staten Island man Eric Garner, the spokesperson of the Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association Pat Lynch felt the need to voice his opinion loud and clear – “It was not a chokehold.” He also went out of his way to urge Mayor Bill DeBlasio to “support New York City police officers unequivocally.”

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Lynch also criticized the autopsy, which was administered by a professional medical examiner. “I’ve never seen a document that was more political than that press release by the ME,” Lynch said. “Chokehold. That’s not a medical term.”

How one can see the video footage which captures Garner’s death and not call that a chokehold seems inane. Lynch’s brusque comments are just another ripple in what often feels like a wave of ignorance. Talk about white privilege.

Spotted at NY Daily News

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