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Beanie Sigel Has Been Shot In Jersey Shore


UPDATE: Beanie Sigel is in stable yet critical condition following his shooting last week. The State Property rapper was reportedly in the “wrong place, at the wrong time” according to an update from Philly.com. Sigle was serving the last day of his house arrest at his brother-in-law’s house when the gun shots broke out. While it’s known that the shooting sparked from a physical altercation near the home, Sigel was not the intended target.

“He may have become involved in something that was not necessarily his own doing,” Lt. Danny Adcock told Philly.com. “Just wrong place, wrong time, if you will.”

Sigel’s brother-in-law Umar Salahuddin, who has his own gun and drug possession charges stemming from 2010, was found at the scene of the shooting with his own minor injuries. However, since thee 22-year-old hasn’t been cooperating with police during the investigation, there’s no confirmation as to how he got the minor scrapes and bruises on his face and arms. The police do have some leads but no suspects have been identified yet.

UPDATE: According to the AP, Sigel appears to have awoken after surgery: “Authorities and Sigel’s lawyer initially called the wound life-threatening, but hospital officials told police that the 40-year-old rapper was awake Friday afternoon after surgery, Pleasantville police Chief Jose Ruiz told The Associated Press. Investigators were on their way to try to interview him, he said.”

Beanie Sigel just got out of prison, and already he’s back in the headlines.

After an altercation early this morning in Pleasantville, New Jersey, Beanie Sigel was shot. He’s currently in surgery. We’ll update this post with more facts as we learn more.

After getting out of prison, Beanie has been getting into the studio and recording new music, as you can see below. He also posted a picture of what looked like a reunited State Property to Instagram last night, and he even wished Jay a happy birthday. We’re praying Beans is okay.

I'm working! !!! #dontpanic !!#hereicome..#realrap! # sidewalktherapy.. @jahlilbeats #welcomehomemeek!!

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The Prop Boyz Back in Town.. #THERETURN #CrewLove …

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#tbt. . Happy anniversary to H.O. #Thisisrocafella4life. . #CrewLove

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