“Detroit vs Everybody” Made Maino Cry, Wishes NY Had More Pride [EXCLUSIVE]


It’s hard to imagine that anything could make Brooklyn MC Maino cry, even less a rap song, but that’s exactly what he told us happened when he heard the recent Motor City anthem, “Detroit vs Everybody.”

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“When you speak to Royce, ask him if what I’m about to tell you is true,” he says with his signature intensity. “When I heard that record it brought tears to me. I listened to that record about 20 times. I went on Twitter and said something about it but what I did was tell my boy ‘Get Royce on the phone.’ I didn’t tell him what it was about. Royce called me back on 3-way and I said ‘I salute all you n*ggas.’ To be able to do that, everybody is in their own lane..Eminem is a rap superstar..for him to get on a record with a new artist, Dej Loaf and got Trick Trick on the anchor. That right there to me, that was major for me. Not only was it good for hip hop, it inspires their city.”

Maino feels especially passionate about the song because he wants more for the hip hop scene in his own hometown of New York City. In 2011 he released “We Keep It Rockin’” a nod to Tupac’s “California Love” which featured Swizz Beatz, Jim Jones, Jadakiss and Joel Ortiz to rally the Big Apple troops and Royce was even in attendance at the video shoot. But of late Maino feels like artists from his city a) don’t offer each other enough support and b) don’t defend it with the pride that they should.

“Everybody says we need unity and we need NY back but part of that is we need to have numerous artists (poppin) at the same time,” he says.  “I tell Troy Ave all the time that I need you to win.  There’s no competition here. We don’t make the same kind of music, we don’t sound alike, so there is no need for that kind of energy. We’re all out here trying to rep the same city, same borough, let’s rep it.”

Repping does come with certain responsibilities. In November of 2013 Atlanta rapper Trinidad James infamously called out artists from NY—during a show in NY—claiming that Georgia MCs “run y’all” and Maino did not take kindly to his remarks, calling him on the phone to answer his challenge.  But Maino is probably more upset with his fellow New Yorkers who defended the slight from the “All Gold Everything” rapper.

“N*ggas here in this city was actually trying to find a way to make what he said ok. These n*ggas don’t get offended at anything! “’ Maino says, his voice going up a few octaves. “‘Oh, he got a point.’ He got a point?? F*ckin mean he gotta point? Who is he to express that point in that manner? We do gotta get on our game but lets deal with the disrespect FIRST! We need to check that. You gonna criticize my house inside MY HOUSE? You can’t go anywhere on this Earth and [do that].”




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