Trinidad James Speaks On The State Of Hip Hop While Getting His Hair Done


Trinidad James has always been one to speak about how he really feels about any topic in hip hop. Since his comments about running New York hip hop infuriated rappers in every borough in 2013, his views haven’t been easily accepted amongst most. Even after being dropped from Def Jam a few months back, James refuses to stay silent and has something to say about the present state of hip hop as a whole.

“I feel like Hip-Hop started extra positive,” Trinidad told Hip-Hop Wired “And now it’s completely negative.”

James explains how he grew up in a generation of hip hop where it started out with love songs about courtship with a woman and now it’s moved on to the more hardcore “bang, bang” music we know today. He goes on to make the rest of his point, but maybe you’ll get distracted by the his fine hairdresser using a straightening iron to do his hair during the interview. Watch what he had to say here.

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